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Discounts on upcoming classes taught by past CSN-speaker Mary Ruth Clarke

One of our featured speakers of recent years, Mary Ruth Clarke, has a special offer for members of the CSN community that we are passing along as a courtesy to her:

Hi CSNers,

Screenwriter/Teacher Mary Ruth Clarke here. I've got two exciting classes coming up this Fall, and wanted to reach out with some of the details. We're offering a limited-time 20% Partnership Discount for this course to folks coming from CSN. Check out the promo code below the course descriptions!

Feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested. Click on the links for all the details. Hope yer writin'.

Rock On,

Mary Ruth

Screenwriting for Beginners (Online)

Saturdays, Sept. 7 - Oct.19

10am - 1pm

For those of you who have a flexible schedule, I have my Online Screenwriting for Beginners class, coming up starting Saturday, September 7 through Saturday, October 19. It's an interactive course, geared towards writers interested in learning the ins-and-outs of writing for the big screen. We'll look at your hook, pitch, and log line, and jump-start the script you're working on now! And of course large chunks of the sessions will be dedicated to discussing your ideas and personal writing projects.

Register at this link and use the promo code PartnerFall19 for the 20% discount.

Writing Comedy for the Small Screen

Wednesdays, Sept. 18 - Nov. 6

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Join the Third Golden Age of Television! Sign up for Writing Comedy for the Small Screen, and write your TV comedy today. Plenty of time will be dedicated to fleshing out your original concepts, mining them for comedic possibilities. You'll cover every element of writing for the small screen! Examine the different aspects of visual storytelling, study proper story structure, and learn all the appropriate formatting for TV writing. You'll leave this workshop with the makings of a show pitch, a rough draft of your very own television pilot, and much, much more!

Register at this link and use the promo code PartnerFall19 for the 20% discount.

About Mary Ruth Clarke: Original co-writer of the blockbuster hit Meet The Parents, Mary Ruth Clarke is a playwright, screenwriter, and script-doctor who heads the TV and Screenwriting Track at Chicago Dramatists. Her work has been seen across Chicago, and she has been a script consultant on such films as Relative Strangers, A Guy Thing, Desperation Boulevard, and The Godfather of Greenbay.

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