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Established in 1995, the Chicago Screenwriters Network (CSN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring writers. Our mission is to help writers hone their skills, make industry connections, and tell their stories effectively. From beginner to advanced levels, we offer educational programming, workshops, lectures, and more to support filmmakers at every stage of their journey. Join us in building a vibrant community where creativity thrives and film projects come to life through collaboration with thought leaders, innovators, and industry professionals. Together, let's empower each other to make a meaningful impact in the world of cinema.

In 1994, the Chicago Screenwriters Network was founded by Edward Allen Bernero and Christiana Miller to support screenwriters in Chicago lacking guidance. Since then, it has evolved into a thriving organization dedicated to helping writers excel in the filmmaking industry.

Edward Allen Bernero and Christian Miller have found success in Hollywood, but their legacy lives on through CSN's mission of supporting writers and filmmakers. We are a nonprofit organization driven by volunteers, offering workshops, events, and networking opportunities to help members advance their scripts into productions.

Our focus is on collaboration; we bring writers and actors together through table read series and Writer/Actor collaboration events. The positive feedback from these experiences has led us to strengthen partnerships with other filmmaking organizations in Chicago.

As we continue to grow, we aim to foster a supportive community where creative talents can flourish. Through sharing experiences and resources, we strive towards excellence in filmmaking. Join us on this journey of artistic collaboration and growth within the Chicago filmmaking industry.

A word from

the CSN President ...

Dear Speakers, Guests, and Friends,

Fear can hinder our success, but it's time to face it head-on and move towards your goals.


Whether you dream of being a screenwriter or filmmaker, take steps forward with the support of Chicago Screenwriters Network.


Our program offers workshops, script critiques, networking opportunities, and a community that holds writers accountable on their journey.


We collaborate with directors, actors, and crew members in the film industry to provide a platform for growth at all levels.


Join us in gaining knowledge and skills essential for success in writing and filmmaking at our monthly events.


Your involvement and contributions are key to our thriving community.


Elevate CSN with us today! Thank you for supporting the Chicago Screenwriters Network.


Warm regards,


Amorous Lesko

President & CEO



A heartfelt thank you to the dedicated past organizers of the Chicago Screenwriters Network for laying the foundation and obtaining non-profit status.


Your contributions paved the way for our success in serving as an educational and inspirational platform for screenwriters and filmmakers in Chicago.

We extend our gratitude to our Speakers, Members, Guests, Sponsors, and Partners for their invaluable support.


Special thanks to our Guest Speakers for sharing their expertise with us, Members and Friends for attending our meetings, and Sponsors/Partners for their ongoing collaboration.

A big shoutout to all past and present board members who have generously devoted their time to keeping our organization thriving over the years. Your dedication is truly appreciated.

Mission Statement
President's Message

Board Members

AMOROUS LESKO // President
Amorous, a rising talent in the creative industry. From Production Assistant to Assistant Director, she embodies dedication and passion for storytelling. Known for her collaborative spirit, she unites writers and filmmakers to bring their visions to life. Leading a diverse crew, she spearheaded a revolutionary Workforce Training Program for Entry Level Grips in 2023.

TOMMY SIGMON // Managing Director
Known as Lomai in the directing world, Tommy is a Chicago-based writer/director with an extensive portfolio of short films and screenplays. His work has garnered recognition, with projects like "Paradigm Grey" and "Sin Verite" making waves in the industry. Currently, he is developing "The Kid-Verse Adventures" for a potential blockbuster release with Jupiter Films.


With a decade of experience in video production, I offer a wealth of expertise and an unwavering work ethic to every production. This extensive background has molded me into a versatile and reliable team member, equipped to tackle any challenge in the dynamic landscape of video production. Whether it's collaborating with diverse teams, handling complex logistics, or surmounting creative hurdles, I approach each task with dedication and genuine enthusiasm.

YVONNE LESKO // Board Member

JOSE POPOCA // Board Member

Board Members
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