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CSN September 2017: Development of a Horror Story – Open Forum (pt. 1 of 2)

Attention all horror writers, young and old alike! We have a unique opportunity for a writer and/or actor to present their short horror story to an Internet radio station that has over 15,000 audience members.

Come out on Sunday, September 10th, 2017 to network with fellow writers and/or actors who love the horror genre. We will discuss this opportunity further and help “flesh out” any creepy concept ideas you may have. The more haunted the tale, the better. Audience participation is highly desired, as these are your horrific stories to tell. The best stories will be presented during the October 2017 CSN meeting to Ms. Tra Cee, owner of SCRM Radio, a 24/7 streaming internet radio station that is dedicated to all things horror.

So if you love Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, or anything that goes bump in the night, this may be your opportunity. The story does not need to be fully developed prior to the September 10th meeting. The finished script will need to fit within a 15 minute radio time slot, so be prepared to potentially record your material. If recording is an issue please let us know prior to next month’s October 8th event.

Ms. Tra Cee will be coming in on October 8th to listen to the stories, which can be verbally presented not necessarily recorded (at that time). She will be selecting the winning story that will be presented on her radio show. Please make sure your work fits within the 15 minute time slot.

Back in the day before television was popular, there was a time when families spent time together hunkered down in their living room eagerly awaiting the radio to broadcast their favorite radio show.

Imagine for a second the innocence of a nation not jaded by all the visual bombardment that we have today. It was a time where TV’s were not around, cell phones had not been invented, the Internet wasn’t even a word used in popular vocabulary. Computers were just being created and were nothing like they are today. A phone call was placed with a telephone operator who connected you to the party in question.

Radio was hugely successful, as it was the most popular form of entertainment around at that time. People used their imagination to convert the auditory response into their own visual representation.

Shows were created in a sound stage not a TV back lot. Broadcasters were the “rock stars” of the age and great story telling was the currency of the day.

One famous night on October 30th, 1938, George Orson Welles, a famous actor, writer and director, became known for his legendary broadcast known as “The War of the Worlds”. He was so convincing that audience members started calling the police, etc., as they thought aliens from Mars had invaded Earth and they wanted to know what they should do.

Imagine this coming over your radio:

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a grave announcement to make.

Incredible as it may seem, both the observations of science and the evidence
of our eyes lead to the inescapable assumption that those strange beings
who landed in the Jersey farmlands tonight are the vanguard of an invading
army from the planet Mars.

The battle which took place tonight at Grover’s Mill has ended in one of the
most startling defeats ever suffered by an army in modern times; seven
thousand men armed with rifles and machine guns pitted against a single
fighting machine of the invaders from Mars. One hundred and twenty known
survivors. The rest strewn over the battle area from Grover’s Mill to
Plainsboro, crushed and trampled to death under the metal feet of the
monster, or burned to cinders by its heat ray.

The monster is now in control of the middle section of New Jersey and has
effectively cut the state through its center. Communication lines are down
from Pennsylvania to the Atlantic Ocean.

Railroad tracks are torn and service from New York to Philadelphia
discontinued except routing some of the trains through Allentown and

Highways to the north, south, and west are clogged with frantic human
traffic. Police and Army reserves are unable to control the mad flight.
By morning the fugitives will have swelled Philadelphia, Camden, and
Trenton, it is estimated, to twice their normal population.

Martial law prevails throughout New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.

At this time we take you to Washington for a special broadcast on the
National Emergency ... the Secretary of the Interior...


Citizens of the nation: I shall not try to conceal the gravity of the
situation that confronts the country, nor the concern of your government
in protecting the lives and property of its people. However, I wish to
impress upon you private citizens and public officials, all of you —
the urgent need of calm and resourceful action.

Fortunately, this formidable enemy is still confined to a comparatively
small area, and we may place our faith in the military forces to keep
them there. In the meantime placing our faith in God we must continue the
performance of our duties each and every one of us, so that we may
confront this destructive adversary with a nation united, courageous,
and consecrated to the preservation of human supremacy on this earth.

So come out and tell us your horrifying story. Maybe you too can be remembered as the late and great Orson Welles is.

Doors will open at 5:30pm. Please register on Eventbrite to save your spot. Meeting will start at 6:00pm and will last until approximately 8:30pm.

Eventbrite - CSN: September 2017 - Writing the Horror Genre

CSN Members with a current membership receive FREE admission (but RSVP) so we have an accurate headcount. The cost for non-members / general public is $10.00 in advance via Eventbrite (up to 2 hours before the meeting), or $15.00 dollars at the door.  [Memberships can be purchased online via the CSN website or at the door the evening of the meeting.]