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Encore event: “Get Back To Writing”, CSN June 2017 mtg.

Following up on a successful debut in March 2017, on Sunday, June 11th, 2017 (5:30pm) Chicago Screenwriters Network (“CSN”) will host an encore “Get Back To Writing” Event.

Are you a writer who’s longing to get feedback on a script? Maybe you’ve come to numerous CSN events and heard valuable speakers but haven’t translated that information onto the page. Wherever you fall in the screenwriting experience, this is an opportunity to get some feedback on your work and to help others.

Prior to this meeting, we ask that participating writers email five (5) pages of an original script: it could be a scene, an important dialogue segment, the beginning or end of a full body script — you decide. Please email the five (5) pages no later than 12 noon on Sunday, June 11th to Amorous Lesko at alesko@chicagoscreenwriters.org.

Please include a title page with the following information:

  • Title
  • Genre
  • Your Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Brief description of where these 5 pages fit in relation to the Three Act Structure (Example: Act II – Plot Point #1)
  • Plus a list or breakout of the characters that are in these 5 pages (Example: Ann Clark – 25 year old female, teacher; Charles Down – 35 year old male, accountant; Beth Frank – 30 year old, older sister of Ann)

[Note: if you would like to receive a short summary of Three Act Structure for reference, please request a copy via email to alesko@chicagoscreenwriters.org]

Please print up as many copies of your submission as there are characters listed featured, plus one (1). So if there are 3 characters listed, bring 4 copies of the script plus email a copy to the email address linked above.

Additionally, we’re asking that all feedback be constructive in nature. Being thoughtful and kind with one’s response is important. We trust people will be honest with their opinion without being rude or overly critical. If you have a suggestion regarding someone’s work or see how to make something better than freely offer up a solution.

Some writers maybe a little shy about their work being presented but this is a great opportunity to get feedback in order to grow and become better with one’s craft. Be bold be helpful and be an inspiration for others. Let this be your first step on that next journey. CSN is here to foster a safe environment where ideas can be shared and stories can come together. What better way is there to grow than to get feedback on your writing while building lasting friendships as well?

As always, the meeting will be held at Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro, 3905 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL. Doors open at 5:30pm; the workshop will start promptly at 6:00pm and last until approximately 8:30pm, so be prepared to hear your written words read aloud in an open forum. (We will read as many submissions as time permits.) Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro has revised their menu, so come out and enjoy a meal, hear good stories, and get acquainted with others that share your passion.The price of admission to CSN’s monthly meetings is $10.00 in advance (which includes all Eventbrite/PayPal fees) until 4:00pm the day of the meeting, or else $20.00 at the door. Register online via the Eventbrite button below:

Eventbrite - CSN June 2017: "Get Back to Writing Event" (encore)

CSN members receive complimentary admission to all monthly meetings
as well as many other membership benefits. If you are not already a CSN member, scroll down for membership information and the link to purchase a membership online (and to attend our June 11th meeting with free admission!).