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Writer/Director/Producer Delvin Molden shares his storytelling secrets.

Delvin Molden shares his storytelling secrets.

Join us at The Fifty/50 on Sunday, March 3, 2013 at 6 PM 

CSN VP, Linda Frothingham will interview Molden about the art

of storytelling and the importance of  structure in screenwriting. 

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 Register in advance on Eventbrite to guarantee your spot — $5 in advance. $15 at the door.

Molden says: “Knowing how to come up with the story is the

art, it’s what expresses you.”

Delvin Molden, writer, director and producer, also has experience running an entire production company: in 2002 and afterward he served as Head of Production for Florida’s Breakaway Films, a leader in urban genre films.  There Mr. Molden oversaw production of a slate of feature films including the comedy Out on Parole, Carlita’s Secret, a crime thriller starring Eva Longoria in her first film role, the highly-praised comedy Bahama Hustle, thriller The Evil One, and music comedy My Big Phat Hip-Hop Family.  On these productions Mr. Molden often served as unaccredited screenwriter and director, fulfilling those roles while overseeing more than one production simultaneously. 

All of Mr. Molden’s Breakaway productions have been purchased by Lionsgate for worldwide video distribution, an amazing feat in a very crowded, competitive marketplace – Lionsgate is the largest independent video distribution company in the industry, and its eagerness to secure all Mr. Molden’s Breakaway films is a prestigious endorsement of his work.  Previously Mr. Molden wrote, directed, and produced his first feature film Love Relations, an urban romantic comedy that screened at several film festivals to rave reviews.  In 2003 Artisan Entertainment purchased video rights to Love Relations and later Starz Encore Premium cable network aired the movie in regular rotation. The network also filmed and aired a new artist interview with Mr. Molden, who discusses his career as an emerging filmmaker.

 That career began with a degree in film from Chicago’s Columbia College where his student film Daniel’s Prayer won best of class, and where Mr. Molden authored a book on African-American market demographics, entitled “African-American Film Statistics and Marketing Strategies.”  Later in Chicago, Mr. Molden started a non-profit inner-city program called “Know the Difference” which aimed to teach inner-city kids the art of filmmaking.

During a brief respite from Breakaway Mr. Molden wrote, directed, and produced Quake, a powerful urban drama about a pimp who falls in love.  Quake’s cast includes some ALMOST TOO LATE-dozen real pimps from Chicago, posing unusual production challenges and demonstrating his skill in handling actors.   Slated to be expanded into a full-length feature, Quake is Mr. Molden’s most distinctive achievement – a film no one else would have dared to make. 

A talented writer, Mr. Molden has several finished screenplays which are strong candidates for independent production, including urban comedy Hustlin’ Ain’t Easy, in which a police officer and a single father has to invite a flamboyant pimp into his home so he can learn how to go undercover.  Mr. Molden’s Breakdown is a supernatural thriller about rap artists stranded in a scary southern town, and Skateboard Heist details city kids who use their skateboard skills to rob a bank.  E.N.D. looks to produce these and other works by Mr. Molden as its next projects.  

With his extensive on-the-floor production experience and ‘people’ skills working with a broad range of actors in diverse genres, Delvin Molden’s career is notable for excellent films made under the most challenging and demanding conditions.  As an artist and producer, Delvin Molden brings creative strength and real production muscle to the E.N.D. team – every project he’s made has come in on time and on budget – and with his work winning praise from so many sides, E.N.D. is proud be part of Mr. Molden’s career as it continues toward what we predict will be a brilliant future.

Love RelationsOut on Parole

Molden is currently writing a feature that will be shot in Chicago based on the book, Almost too Late written by Chicago Alderman (1983-2010) Ed H. Smith.

March 3,2013 at Fifty/50 6 pm.